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On January 14, 2009, Senator Richard Colburn (R) introduced Senate Bill 9 to the Maryland State Legislature. If enacted, this bill would make Salvia divinorum a Schedule I controlled substance in that state. The text only mentions Salvia divinorum it does not mention salvinorin A.
                    Source: http://www.sagewisdom.org/legalstatus.html

I have already made a similar post about this issue on the the Shroomery.Org forums and the SalviaSource.Org forums and after receiving advice, have decided to raise alarm about this issue in attempts to gain backing in contacting State Legislature in stopping this Bill from banning the entheogenic herb Salvia Divinorum.

We have until the meeting on Tuesday, January 27 to fight this issue before it leaves the Committee level!

Simplified versions of the situation regarding these bills can be found here:

House: http://mlis.state.md.us/2009rs/billfile/hb0008.htm
Senate: http://mlis.state.md.us/2009rs/billfile/SB0009.htm

These bills are sponsored by:
Republican, District 37B, Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot & Wicomico Counties

      House Office Building, Room 216
      6 Bladen St., Annapolis, MD 21401
      (410) 841-3429, (301) 858-3429
      1-800-492-7122, ext. 3429 (toll free)
      e-mail: jeannie.haddaway@house.state.md.us
      fax: (410) 841-3523, (301) 858-3523

      32 South Washington St., Suite 1, Easton, MD 21601
      (410) 820-8043; fax: (410) 820-8759

Republican, District 37B, Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot, & Wicomico Counties

      House Office Building, Room 213
      6 Bladen St., Annapolis, MD 21401
      (410) 841-3343, (301) 858-3343
      1-800-492-7122, ext. 3343 (toll free)
      e-mail: adelaide.eckardt@house.state.md.us
      fax: (410) 841-3299, (301) 858-3299

      601 Locust St., Suite 202, Cambridge, MD 21613 - 1012
      (410) 221-6561; fax: (410) 221-6561

Republican, District 37, Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot & Wicomico Counties

      James Senate Office Building, Room 315
      11 Bladen St., Annapolis, MD 21401
      (410) 841-3590, (301) 858-3590
      1-800-492-7122, ext. 3590 (toll free)
      e-mail: richard.colburn@senate.state.md.us
      fax: (410) 841-3087, (301) 858-3087

      Dorchester County:
      5210 Heron Road, Cambridge, MD 21613
      (410) 228-1137; fax: (410) 376-3737

      Talbot County: (410) 819-3337

I apologize if I am going about spreading information about this issue the wrong way, but I honestly don't know much about trying to fight back against legislation. What I DO know is that if these bills pass many innocent Maryland citizens will be wrongfully incarcerated for an unharmful entheogen. I and thousands of others use Salvia Divinorum for an entheogenic (spiritual) purpose! Salvia is not a party drug, not addictive, and has medicinal and therapeutic potential which out-rules it from being a Schedule I substance. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE AND A VIOLATION OF OUR RIGHTS! Help me contact Maryland legislature and fight back against this redicolous "War on Drugs" and violation of our rights.

Please fellow Salvia enthusiasts, I can only do so much on my own. I need your help in making sure no more of our rights are stripped away... Thank you and I apologize if I have gone about posting this in the wrong way. I am in the process of sending out e-mails to NORML, DPA, ASA and MPP.

Official drafts of these bills can be found here:
For House: http://mgasearch.state.md.us/data/2009rs/bills_noln/hb/fhb0008.pdf#xml=http://mgasearch.state.md.us/search97cgi/s97is.dll?action=View&VdkVgwKey=j%3A

For Senate: http://mgasearch.state.md.us/data/2009rs/bills_noln/sb/fsb0009.pdf#xml=http://mgasearch.state.md.us/search97cgi/s97is.dll?action=View&VdkVgwKey=j%3A
7th-Dec-2008 01:26 am - Salvia Research Study

The University of California San Francisco researchers are recruiting individuals with knowledge of Salvia divinorum or substances containing Salvinorin A for a brief, anonymous web-based survey. No personal identifying information, electronic or otherwise will be collected. The survey takes approximately 7 minutes to complete.  

Information is available at:  




Participant Eligibility:

- 18 years of age or older               

- Have used Salvia divinorum or substances containing Salvinorin A


California Poison Control System                    

UCSF CHR Approved, HIPAA compliant               

CHR approval # H11246-33229-01

6th-Nov-2008 10:39 am - video projection
hello psychonauts -

every so often, my sister, boyfriend and i host psychedelic parties.  we use a very nice video projector.  i am far from an expert on this and our friend who normally vjs for us is moving out of the state.  when he is tired of vjing, i will hook up the dvd player and pop in a nature documentary (animals are beautiful people, deep blue) or some cartoon (aeon flux, bill plympton) or something silly/bizarre (heavy metal parking lot)

i feel like the stuff i am playing is stale.  do you have any recommendations of movies, dvds, animation, etc. that i can play at our upcoming party?

if this is OT or inappropriate, please let me know and i will delete the post or move it to a better forum.

xposted to psychedeliczone, psychonaut
4th-Apr-2008 01:56 pm(no subject)
hi. i'm looking for my femoral vein and an easy way to hit it so i can stop destroying my arms and hands any more than i already have. anyone have any luck hitting this vein? i know you're meant to find the femoral pulse (which i did) and then move two fingers worth towards the center of my body. do you need a needle longer than the standard longs (5/8") to reach it and if so what length would you recommend for a skinny (<140lbs) guy like me with a 28" waist ( i don't know if that even makes a difference.)

I understand the obvious risks (artery, nerve, et cetera), but if i could hit this once it would become a breeze to hit it again. any help would be appreciated, and any "OMG HOW COULD YOU DO THAT YOU FUCKING JUNKIE" comments will result in me banning you for a lack of tolerance of other peoples habits. you may choose to ruin your lungs or your sinuses or your anus but i choose my veins for the obvious reasons (rush, nothing else works for me)

plz. thx. k bye.
So, I've been having to defend myself against attack from various forms (Mostly Neo-Hippie aka NOT hippies, I'm also saying this because most of the older hippies I know hates anyone that deems anyone under 30 and calls themselves a hippy a liar, and haven't had to deal with the shit they did, not to mention the variations between the two types of hippies springing from the 60s are never considered, only a part of them are, the "San Francisco" ones, not the LA ones which were more nilhilistic, it's like comparing The Doors to The Beatles).
I hate when someone uses a drug to specifically try and change themselves, it's a sad sad sight. The answers will come to you, you do not need to find the answers.

Understanding basic psychology, it's a very scary thing to see.
There are only 2 truths
1.) Colors are cool
2.) Your brain does a lot of things, and a lot of things you don't want to know about.

Serotonin messes with a lot of things, especially memory, and it can easily affect it.
But there are some quick things I want people to think about, before I turn this into a flame war.
A Nilhilist gets REASSURED NOTHING MATTERS if they take acid.
There are so many different religons with variations, I'll take Buddhism for example.
There is one form that believes that Nirvana is only aquired through war and combat, if acid reassures of this... is that the truth? Or is it only to them?
Or is the truth for a more nilhilistic form of Shunyata to be more true for some?

Everyone has a brain, and must decide who they are for themselves and not push themselves into a certain anxiety that was created because of a drug and one that reaffirms because of the reward pathways in the brain or because of learned behaviors.

Someone believes that they're surround by hot lava, they took too much, is this a truth of reality?

Another interesting example is the reason why they banned LSD.
People that had an amazing future ahead of them because of their schooling (Especially the college educated, and there are MANY examples of this) would take LSD and basically tune in, turn on and drop out.
People with brains and amazing minds, would basically remove themselves out of society because of a variety of reasons, maybe it was the cool thing to do, maybe because they experienced something that made them feel as if THEY SHOULD DO THIS!
It scared the fuck out of congress and the country, that a drug can easily do this to someone over night. They'd change and... it in probably all honesty wasn't them, and thats one of many reasons why it kind of burned out.
I mean within a decade it changed from peace and love for the average drug experience, to PCP and Quaaludes which I'm pretty sure is the opposite of the spectrum. Why did it change like that?

Maybe sometime I'll write a long essay about this but, I don't know how to feel, because it scares me that a drug has the power to dictate and control someone's life, and they're so assured that it is a truth.

It seems like shortcut but it isn't, a drug can tell you anything, and often times people believe that it helps them confront their problems, and that there are no drawbacks (ie why I used the lava analogy). You must always remember,
Two steps foreward and three steps back is a world turned black.

One other thing to remember.
And that it's not what doors you open, it's the ones you close that matter the most.
16th-Apr-2007 11:26 pm - For anyone out there who's kicking...
Bikram yoga
Every morning...

You feel the bed move.
You're dragged back.
Back from wherever you were happy- back into a body screaming at you to TAKE YOUR PILL. Half of you is cold, the other half burning up.
You decide you're cold.
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11th-Apr-2007 07:48 pm - imaginative tourniquets
any ideas? i'm talking outside of the usual belts, shoestrings, etc... things i wouldn't think of using that work really well. things that can be found around the house or purchased from walmart for under $5 (under $10 if it's really, really perfect.) elasticated things that i might have passed up. or, an OTC place to get actual tourniquets (the medical elastic kind).

in other news... i'm slowly relinquishing to the fix cycle. it's not on a need basis quite yet, but probably sooner than i realise.

please help. i'm tired of using this shoestring because it's really not good enough and also it tastes AWFUL after you chew down on it a couple dozen times.

2nd-Apr-2007 03:12 pm - amphetamine
If you can answer any of these questions, please link me with some support for your claims, because I haven't found any good info online.

1) what are the effects of the amphetamine salts in adderall? Why are they put in and do they actually help with ADD/ADHD symptoms?
Dextro-amphetamine Saccharate- 2.5 mg;
Racemic-amphetamine Aspartate- 2.5 mg;
Racemic-amphetamine Sulfate- 2.5 mg.

2) equivalent doses:

here it says that there is 1.875mg of dextroamphetamine sulfate in 7.5mg of adderall

here it says that dexedrine only has dextroamphetamine sulfate.

so, would the equivalent dose for 7.5 mg of adderall be 1.875 mg of dexedrine or does the weight of the tablet include the inactive ingredients and binders, etc..? How would i calculate the equivalent dose?
13th-Mar-2007 06:36 am - Mushroom tea?
Bikram yoga
If I brewed a cup of mushroom tea tomorrow, theoretically, how long would it be good for?
I realize, ofof course, that all should be drunk at once, but what if ingestion was too much of a problem, but those are the only tickets-to-ride that I have, and am likely to find for a long time......so, please, if anyone knows what the shelf life is on tea, please let me know.
Just curious......for theory's sake.....
To anyone that keeps up with his ADHD knowledge (And probably isn't using his speed or speed-like drug abusefully). You all know that Cylert, has been taken off the Market, about 2 years ago. To a lot of people this was the only medicine that worked without making them feel weird and odd as do a lot of people on SNRIs and amphetamine (or amphetamine-like) chemicals. There is a drug with unfortunately limited research, 4-methylaminorex, a more potent, and less toxic-looking cousin to Pemoline (Cylert) (which in itself is a pretty stupid thing to think after 21 liver failures AT best after being on the market commonly for 30 fucking years). It's research is very limited, but admitfully it's neurotoxicity looks pretty much nil. I've seen people prescribe the limit in California for Desoxyn and Dexedrine (Yes together) and take 5-10mgs of 4-methylaminorex and be good for an entire day. why? Because of it's length of a plateau if taken orally which is average a 1 hour come-up 14-16 hours of plateau and 1 hour of come down, no crash, no major psychological problems, not reduce the appetite, doesn't cause dry mouth, it's also harder to gain a tolerance to than amphetamines, so if there is a honey-moon period it LASTS for significantly longer.

With all these benefits there is a heavy cost. Addiction looks significantly higher than it's other Dextro-rotated counterparts (at least in pill form). And a likelihood of addiction is high but there has to be better treatment for special case people other than SNRIs, which have a HUGE list of side effect especially compared to speed, especially considering there is a limited amount of research on them in the first place comparatively (to amphetamines).

This drug in comparison to psychedelics and MDMA has a more way more significant role in society today yet we constantly ignore it. MAPS ignore it, FDA ignores it. Why do we ignore it? Upto 5% of society in the US is ADHD, 60% of those will retain it into Adulthood. It's looks like the perfect drug on paper, yet no one wants to test this theory.

MAPS your LSD, MDMA, DMT, and Psilocin studies do nothing for a significant amount of us, stand up and pay attention, we need 4-Methylaminorex to be researched, and FDA approved, if AET or many of the second gen NSAID can be FDA approved, surely you can find some exception to this marvelous drug that might change the lives of many people around the world if learned about
I would like to say. No, it fucking doesn't.
Let's think about this logically.
Most of the time when people purchase blotter, they get something that isn't LSD. Though in all honesty, I guess most people I know are fortunate and in 75% of all blotter they got it was either LSD or ergot indole analog. But proportionally, only about half of it is LSD or an analog of ergot indole in blotter/gel/M-Dot form (or even less according to some book/articles) is the real deal on the street. I know a person who got Carfentanyl on blotter.. (shocked the FUCK out of him)
I know an undetermined amount that got DOX chemicals or 5-MeO-AMT. I have heard that Br-DFLY is starting to get popular on blotter and gels now, and being sold as acid.
Most of you read my little article about why field tests are inaccurate and that the same pill you got yesterday won't be the one today. So you have no clue.
In Mushrooms, jesus, I don't even KNOW where to start on that, let's just say one simple thing. It doesn't take a lot to fuck with enzymes that make psilocybin and psilocin. ALMOST any tryptamine will make them go funky.
Well, this proves YOU have NO idea what you're getting in your street drugs, so you are in fact a guinea pig for that
Also, LSD is the most studied chemical on the planet. But a so-called research chemical is probably the best understood because of it's stability and the time it was made. DOI. For most understanding psychedelic studies they have determined that 2C are very much like their amphetamine brothers (which are used for most radioactive isotope studies and a significant amount of behavioral studies) , though a significant more research needs to go into this.
Tryptamines, I haven't done a shitload of research on. But apparently, drugs like Foxy, have a near equal brain damage comparable to ecstasy. There are a significant amount of studies about this, I know that most Hydroxy's cause a near same reaction as psilocin. And Acetoxy to my knowledge aren't well studied but in theory a liver enzyme breaks it down into a hydroxy, though a slight noticeable difference is acknowledged. Some believe that it's the same enzyme that breaks down the Psilocybin.
So basically what I'm trying to say is.
Research chemicals maybe a little newer but is understood as well as common drugs in the US.
But they're significantly (most of the time) more pure. (Which is all theory anyways, so it might be wrong)

Now the things that are the problem with RCs
The main concern parathio alakloids in RC world. Not many deaths are reported. Other than 2CT7.

5-MeO-AMT is the other exception, there have been reports of it being stronger than LSD or "safer" LSD, and people take HUGE amounts of it, though most of the time there could have been another factor that could cause the death. There was one case of it being a little different, but they're not sure how much she had. And one where he said 14-15mgs.
But in all honesty, a lot of drugs have this reaction of some people. 1 in 100,000 have a horrible reaction to ecstasy and die. 5-MeO-AMT is also considered an MAOI, and a significant amount of people have a bad reaction to that, even reading one case of someone taking Wellbutrin on it (THAT SOUNDS LIKE A BAD IDEA) and took a whooping dose.

In any case, drugs such as AMT, have actually been used as medicine in the Soviet Union sold as Indopan.
Anyways. Stay strong
4th-Jan-2007 10:07 pm - The ultimate Party foul
So like recently I've heard from a friend that a good friend of theirs were slipped a fair quantity of Br-DFLY during New Years Eve.
Like... thats the most fucked thing I ever heard, other than getting G or a Barbie slipped into your drink and maybe on par with slipping of a Benzo in a alcoholic drink.
2 1/2 Days of Tripping, very much unintentionally is not a cool thing to do. Like, who'd be a dick enough to do that to someone?
Bikram yoga
So, theoretically: if I had an extremely strong (unexpectedly so) trip off about 1 tab which ended in me terminating the experience with ativan 3 days ago, is there any particular reason my eyes should be dilated now? I have a very good history with acid, and would hate to make this be my last experience.
I was doing some pretty basic (but good!) meditation excersizes last night, and I started to feel very altered. When I went to look at myself in the mirror, I saw that my eyes were dilated- regardless of light source. I decided that I would continue meditating, and went back and continued to do it until I fell asleep. Well, they're still big this morning....They will go down evenly if I shine a flashlight directly at them, but in general, I look very enlightened right now ::grins:: but on a more serious note, has anyone heard of this happening before?

Edit-A possibly relevant tidbit about me: everytime I took E, I typically went to bed at night after I'd come down, and was pretty baseline when I slept. When I wake up after a night of rolling, my eyes tend to be dilated the next morning. I take opiate pain meds, but if anything, they'd make my pupils smaller..... Im thinking that this is related somehow.....
29th-Nov-2006 03:08 pm - How illegal is DOM?
I know it's been illegal for over 35 years, but a serious question got to me. So analogs of DOM have been getting popular in the international RC market, DOC is specifically schedule in Canada and DOET is specifically schedule here in the US. DOB seems to be the second shot at containing a DOX chemical which was contained in about the early 80s. Which seemed to have work now that Bob is now pretty much universally banned. But is there any country that DOM isn't illegal in. I've heard rumors of vendors in China that sell it, did they not learn their lesson from everyone else? Or is it just plain not true?
29th-Nov-2006 02:08 am - Thanksgiving Psilo Trip
Recently, I have been feeling conflicted about who I am in relation to other people and how important it is to have other people in my life. I woke up on Thanksgiving Day and decided that I was in a positive state of mind, and felt that eating some mushrooms before the feast would make for a good experience. This year, I had to go with my family to a public thanksgiving brunch, along with another family and a married couple who came to visit from Japan.
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22nd-Nov-2006 12:42 pm - CA pot smokers- please read this!
Bikram yoga
Hey there all my fellow stoner and cannabis enthusiasts! I hope the cup's going great!
I'm sure there're a few people here on this list who couldn't afford to go to the Cannabis Cup...I am among their number. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and had an idea to kind of make up for the lack of the Cup in my life.....Read more...Collapse )

Who I'm looking for: I need to find at least 3 other CA medical marijuana patients who love cannabis, are fairly well educated, and wouldn't mind having their opinions written up in a national magazine. You MUST HAVE A VALID CA cannabis ID CARD and/or DR's LETTER and ID. You need them to get into the clubs- which you will then review along with at least 3 other like minded patients. Read more...Collapse )
14th-Nov-2006 12:49 pm - Racetams
All right, so I have been experimenting with Racetams recently. I have more or less been taking Piracetam for about 3 weeks (Not Aniractam for it's price and effective half-life). And I have to say, holy shit does it work.
I've adapted to not having euphoria off anything, psychedelics still hit me harder than most people. I usually not effected in any way by conciousness change (There are a few small exceptions). So recent with an adventure with mushrooms, I was taking a modest dose. Next thing I knew, I was 8. My friend forced a pill of ecstasy down my throat, (a pill specifically known to have Dexedrine in it) which the speed inside started as usual in about 30 minutes and I regained some sanity, soon the MDMA part kicked in and next thing I knew, I was e-tard (which hasn't happened since the first time I took ecstasy). As Shulgin put 5-MeO-PRY-T Clearly this compound is some weid shit. I will try Oxiractam next after my supply of piracetam is out which will take a few months
Peace out
31st-Oct-2006 01:35 pm - O.O The Stones and PCP?
I haven't done PCP in a LONG time. But I swear, Rolling Stones - Paint it black, is about a black acid trip. I've just come to notice it, and apparently according to various sources PCP was uncommon but certainly was a hippie drug, and more commonly used in combonation with LSD than by itself.
22nd-Oct-2006 03:49 am - Playing with God? DOX chemicals
Crack... ROCKS!
Out of almost every drug I've tried. There have been several, that
well, have a really weird OD by mistake. Specifically, DOX chemicals.
Why do I say that they're playing with god you say?

1.) When you OD, it isn't pretty, there are two kinds of fucked
critical points, one where you body has basically said, FUCK YOU and
throws all your worse fears at you. The other choice is a near
delirious stage where, your body is physically exhausted, and reality
bends trying to tell you relax, but you can't relax cause the fucking
chemical is kicking your ass. They also play off the main trait of the
chemical your on (DOI neutraliness, DOC epicness etc)Trust me, you hit
that point you know that you're playing god.

2.) They are the only psychedelic completely capable of OVERWHELMING
dissociatives, from various sources, Nitrous is easily overwhelmed,
and you know that the DOX chemical is controlling it. On ketamine for
a typical K-Hole experience, the DOX chemical seems to actually keep
you in reality and you know that Psychedelic amphetamine has control
over the trip. PCP seems to be in weird varations with this, it
apparently will not be completely overwhelmed by it, if you drop
yourself into a deep P-hole. DXM, I unfornately, have no knowledge of
people taking with a DOX chemical.

There are apparently some exceptions to the rule, DOB and DOM (Maybe
DOET but I do not have enough knowledge on that particular substance.)

DOB apparently has abnormally high critical point, there has been
multiple massive doses of the drug, cause it was reasonably popular
because it sold as LSD. I have heard of people dropping 20mg hits and
don't seem to go into the critical point, though there has been
accounts of ODs nothing as bad as the ones in 80s where someone got it
sold as MDA and dosed accordingly.

DOM apparently has a weird effect. It's tofu when mix with other
drugs, and apparently, the other drug must push you into a bad trip
and drop you into the critical point stage. Though from the few people
that I know have taken it by itself, they say that critical point is
about 20mgs but not if you mix with something else. My father for
example mixed 15mg DOM with a LOT of acid (personal estimate from what
my understanding is, about 2-2.5mgs) back in 1971, he was tripping
fucking hard but did not hit the acclaimed critical point that the
drug that many others in the 60s felt when DOM was given out at 20mg
at the Human Be-in, with people taking up to 90mg!

In short, DOX chemicals are playing with god, and most mortal men
shouldn't be playing around with them. They are for the experienced,
and elitest such as ourselves =P.


I haven't heard of too much about X-FLY chemicals and critical points.
If they have a critical point like DOX, it would nice to know.
Cause that rebalance everything
X-Fly = God
DOX = Jesus
2C = Child's play.
21st-Oct-2006 02:07 pm(no subject)
experiences with butalbital?
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